To Loyals: All Under One Roof

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Hey, Brandi here –

It’s been just over two weeks since we crossed the border into Canada. It took about four days for my body to relax. I can’t emphasize how lucky we were to get through.

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Fight for Your Family


Brandi here.

It’s been a struggle to write publicly lately, with everything going on. It feels like there are no words to express the weight of what’s happening – no words that will actually help. I’ve found myself growing angry over posts that aren’t related to the current historical event we are living through, wondering how the world could have anything else on their minds.

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Dear White People…

As these words pour out of me, so do tears. The taste of metal is sweeping my tongue, inner-cheeks and throat. I. Am. Horrified.

Listening to the news is not something I do. Mostly because I’m one of those people it tends to debilitate, but this is something that can’t be ignored or filtered out.

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Come Away with Us: Paris, France


Brandi here…

Up until recently, travel was an accomplishable, recurring dream. When Fab and I first met, we shared a mutual love for adventure, exploration, discovering other places, which in turn, meant discovering ourselves. It is one of our most precious luxuries, and yet, we took it for granted; never imagining that the world would shut its gates.

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Move In: Finding Connection on Separate Paths

Somewhere in New York City, 2019

I’m about to make a bold statement. It may offend some, it may awaken others. Perhaps it will leave you exactly as you came. Either way, I ask that you hear me out.

I believe religion is like language. What you believe is directly related to where you were born, your upbringing, environment and culture. Just like language, it is developed over time, and taught by/learned through external forces.

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Not Just Another Covid Article – A Note on Meaning

Just a throwback to performing for my guests during wedding week…
Left to Right: Julien (aka Sponge), Brodie (my big bro), Me, my badass friend, Gaële (aka the Pitbull)

I was up until 3AM last night thinking about everything that’s happening in the world. I lied there awake for hours. As some of you know, the hubby and I will be returning to Canada for the summer (should the border permit his entry). Although we are incredibly fortunate to have a place to go, both Fabian and I have struggled with what this move means.

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Don’t Never Leave – A Word on Travel

Salut –

Fabian here.

I’ve been wondering what my first post should be about. The topic I landed on is one so important to me, it should have been obvious from the start:


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First things first, kill the imposter…

Hi –

Brandi here.

We all have an imposter. And yes, that imposter is the same person who is reading an article on how to eliminate it. It was no mistake that the featured image of this post is of, well, me. I am MY imposter. Just as Fabian is HIS. Just as you are YOURS.

Before Fabian and I take you on the long, beautiful journey into our own lives, work and relationship, we thought first things first… Let’s give back by helping others take control over their own mindset and passion. Let’s kill this imposter! Together!

(Where’s a GIF when I need one…)

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Just a couple with some big ideas…

We are smashing our metaphorical champagne bottle, and sending our baby off to sea.

This is it, folks. We are finally out here, in the great wide web. It is scary, but also elating. Whether 5 or 5000 people read this, our story didn’t begin here, in fact, it started six years ago. You’ll learn more about that as the weeks go on, and we become more acquainted.

If you haven’t already checked out our About the Olivefield’s page, definitely give that a peek. It’ll give you a bit more insight on what you can expect from us moving forward. If you’ve gotten that out of the way, then keep scrolling as we introduce ourselves…

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